Thursday, July 29, 2010


So I’m a packin’ my bags and boarding a plane for the states. Amer – I – CAN!

More specifically, I’m heading to a little place called New York. Or Nuww Yawk as I now call it because I wanna sound as much like this champ’ as I can.

I was 14 when I last visited and I was accidentally left in Chinatown. By myself. For five hours.

I set up camp in a stairwell, convinced I was probably going to live there for the rest of my life (this was around the 4 hour mark).

Unhappy with the situation... I decided to wing it and just run.

You knew this pic was comin'

I ran for half and hour, in the rain, down Canal Street. As luck would have it I ended up right out the front of the hotel we were staying at and the peeps who were supposed to be looking after me* were having hot chocolates in the lobby.

*They didn't.

They looked up and were like, “Oh snap. We completely forgot about you!”

I never… ever forgot.

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