Thursday, June 10, 2010


So today I am going to dish out some sweet life advice.

If you don’t 100% understand the meaning of a word… avoid using it.
Learn from my mistake…….

When hearing about prisoners being visited by loved ones, I assumed the word CONJUGAL meant… quick.

THE STATEMENT: I’m just here for a conjugal visit
IN MY MIND: I’m just here for a quick visit
IN REALITY: I’m here to bang my prison lover

So, when I needed to speak to my (male) uni lecturer about something, I innocently knocked on the door and stated:

“Hi, I’m just here for a conjugal visit… I won’t take long.”

He blinked a few times, shuffled in his seat, studied my face and (thank goodness) came to the conclusion I didn’t know what the word meant.

That situation could have gone a completely different way had he been a mad perv or had I been more attractive.

Look things up kids!


  1. Made me laugh embaressingly loudly in the office when I was trying to appear busy and important. Please report back on all future word stuff-ups for my enjoyment.

  2. I think I just died from laugher.