Thursday, May 20, 2010

MYSTIC RIVER (of disappointment)

I’m having one of those days where I want to be this:

But I feel more like this :

Although I do feel like my life has quasi-direction at the moment… given I went along to see a resident psychic (and potential Amway saleswoman) with one of my favourite people who swears by her.

*Dude seems to love this

I had visited said psychic once before... two years ago under said friend's encouragement.

She had the following prediction.

HER: You will meet a man… in Ireland.
ME: Result!!!
HER: Oh, no, wait… it’s an Irish pub.
ME: Oh.
HER: It’s an Irish pub out in the sticks… and you'll have burnt hair.
ME: ...

So I went from this....

*Fiddle-dee-dee potato

To this!!!


So I was hoping for something a little more, hopeful second time around.

Not so much.

Basically I need to check into my measles history, I’ll meet a Geography teacher at an expo and I will pitch a fit in an airport.
Sounds awesome.

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