Saturday, April 3, 2010


Today, I needed some bread so I hauled-ass to my local supermarket.

I head to the bread aisle and BOOM, all of a sudden I am in the moshiest of mosh pits.
What is happening here?
Directly opposite is - the Easter egg section *queue foreboding music*.

*How wicked-hot are this dude's mutton chops

So many people are grabbing for the last morsels of chocolaty goodness, clambering over each other, kids crying, parents all strung-out, diabetics sweating it out at a distance... it was like the Boxing Day sales, but not on the TV... on my eyes.

Anywho, I headed on over to the self-swiping checkouts and this kind of A.I freaks the frack out of me. The whole robots replacing humans thing... plus they say* in only a few years we'll all be micro chipped and when we want to pay at the s'market we're the ones who get scanned... BY ROBOTS!
*I think.

So, as a public service announcement, to avoid feeling like you've rolled the Jumanji dice (STAMPEDE!) - stay away from the shops today.
Oh, and to add to the crap salad that was my lunch... I got stuck behind this dude for ten minutes on the way home...

Happy Easter peoples. xx

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