Monday, April 26, 2010


My friend is a science teacher and she recently schooled me over the Werri Bowlo drink du jeur... the 'Goon Sunrise'. Served in a carafe. Classy.

Anywho - she explained to me why the sky was blue (sounds simple... but for serious - it's all about rainbow prisms and light refraction). Then told me I was smarter than a ninth grader, which made me happy.
Although she did freak me out by telling me:

  • The sun WILL die.
  • They have found a plant in another galaxy just like earth but without oxygen.
  • Pluto isn't a planet anymore because it went in front of something which means it wasn't orbiting and thus can't be a planet (I knew this already, but the fact it was all because the NASA people were like, "Wait a sec, what's Pluto doing? Whoops... my bad.").

I asked if there could be another earth with 'other world' us people running around. Like Fringe, where there is another dimension and the 'there's two of everything' theory, where (like Sliding Doors) our alter-universe selves have made different choices and thus, are different people - but still us! And if you met yourself the universe would implode (much like Marty McFly in Back to the Future)

*This is where Marty meets him mum back in the day. He'd be his own dad if he tapped it. (Did I go there!?)

My friend then told me I had no understanding of science and should perhaps go buy another carafe.

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