Thursday, April 1, 2010


So I tried to set up this Google Analytics thingamie and so far all it’s telling me is that I’ve had one hit, which was me, checking if the blog worked (it does). I know this doesn’t make for a riveting post, but I am trying to get one of those sweet archive thingies.
Meanwhile, my first proper post is going to be about LOST.
You’re excited, I can tell. And by you, I mean the one person that has viewed this blog.
Which is actually me… whoa…VORTEX!!

So, I'm told I have to admit when pics aren't mine, and here it is... I didn't take this photo. And if it was mine that'd mean Matthew Fox was in my jungle garden - which'd mean I would not have time to write a blog... because I'd have a Matthew Fox in my jungle garden.

Credit: Peggy Sirota

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