Sunday, April 11, 2010


Here is some valuable life advice for you beautiful people:

Don't drink and iTune

I was like this guy, but exchange the death-vice grip for the beer with a death-vice grip on my iPhone...

I'm trying this new thing where I trick myself into thinking I'm an awesome morning person. Those who unfortunately have encountered me post-alarm know that Dawn/Shaun of the Dead was based on a true story... that being me in the early AM.

Me, on my daily commute to work. 8:15AM.

So I'm trying to start a 'Morning Playlist' on my Pod which will be full of heaps upbeat songs.
My spiritual friend told me, "Manifest... something something... universe.... something something."
So I'm taking her advice so when you head to your nearest pier (circa dawn) I'll be doing these ones:

So with my cocktail blanket on and a 15-minute cab ride home I got to work on my playlist.
When I woke up I hit play and realised I'd bought the entire 'Good Morning Vietnam' soundtrack.

So basically a war movie playlist.

Don't drink and iTune.

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