Friday, April 9, 2010


Today, I got the flu shot.

Work seems to be looking out for us (read: trying to save money by decreasing sick leave) so a few of us booked in for a jab.
I’m not good with needles at the best of times and even though the nurse was super lovely… she was waving the needle around like Betty Draper with a ciggie.

The logic of flu shots is lost on me. Mainly because I have no understanding of the human body, but also because they’re putting the flu IN us.
This, of course, got me thinking that perhaps our company has sold us off to science and we were injected with some sweet superpower serum.

I can see it now. As I board the train to snooze-ville, all my ventricles and synapses and other smart science words start to mutate and I wake up with some sweet powers.
You know the superhero drill. I’ll go to turn off my alarm and accidentally smash the clock because I’ve now got super-human strength… then I’ll go to sit up and crash through my wall because the serum opened a can of whoop-ass on my muscle memory.
Oh, and I now also look like this:

*Minus the gloves.

Free flu shot = potentially the greatest thing ever!

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