Monday, April 5, 2010


Ahhhhh, childhood movies.

Sometimes, when I see an exceptionally fluffy Labrador I think of this guy:

And if I happen to come across a green field, I am partial to a little twirling... Dame Julie Andrew's style:

But there is one movie I wish I'd never seen.

The. Birds.

I was super young when I first saw it - which means the story, characters, beginning, middle and end are lost on me. But I do remember a shyte load of birds attacking a woman.

Keeping in mind that I too am a woman, I felt particularly vulnerable when I arrived home today and found this in my courtyard:

It may not look it - but I was totally surrounded. They were organised I tells ya!

My friend's mum told me it's important to have an empty ice cream container on your persons so if an excess amount of birds present themselves, they'd be put off swooping at your brain. I never forgot this advice and thus, to take the above photo I grabbed this:

Parentals... don't expose your kiddies to psychologically damaging movies. Youngsters are like sponges you know. Or maybe it's kids brains are like sponges? I know a babies skull is like a sponge, but that's when they can't even hold their own neck up. Or something.

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